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Advertisement Rate with effect from January 2010

Cover (4 Colored) Ordinary Position Material
Rupees Rupees
Front (1/8 Bottom Line) 15,000 Full Page 6,000 1. Color Advertisement: Color separated Positives with progressive proofs
2. Black & white Ad: Positive/Artwork
Second 10,000 Black & White
Third 8,000 Full Page 3,000
Back 10,000 Half Page 2,000
Central Page (2 pages) 13,000 Quarter Page 1,500

Special Position: Facing Reading Material 50% extra
Sponsorship for Special Issue: Dedicated to a subject-Rs. 1, 00, 000

Mechanical & Other Details Payment
Print Area Advertisement charges are payable in advance, unless otherwise agreed upon a payment guarantee. Payment of Bank Draft in favour of
“ Institute of Medico-Legal Publications ” at Noida/New Delhi.
Full Page 15cm X 20cm
Half Page 15cm X 10cm (Horizontal)
7.5 cm X 20 cm (Vertical)
Quarter Page 7.5 cm X 10cm
1/8th Page 7.5cm X 4.5cm
Overall Size 20cm X 26cm

Printing Process: Offset

Our Contact Info:
Dr R K Sharma
Institute of Medico-Legal Publications
Logix Office Tower, Unit No. 1704, Logix City Centre Mall

Sector- 32, Noida - 201 301 (Uttar Pradesh)
Tel no: +91 - 09971888542


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